This section of the site is for and about Dominants interested in a D/s relationship. The Dom has a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders. He has chosen to care for another human being and control many, if not all, aspects of a submissives life. Most importantly, he must be extremely careful with the subs emotional state of being as submissives give up so much of themselves. I have compiled the most useful articles I could find regarding dominance. Be sure to stop back as I will be adding more to this section.

I strongly suggest ALL Doms visit the submissive section as well. The articles there will help dominants to understand their counterparts to a greater degree.

D/s 101
Get to know the basics of bdsm before you begin. What on earth is D/s? What does it mean and is it for you? Dom/sub 101 is my attempt at explaining it all as simply as possible.
A mandatory lesson for every dominant and submissive.
New Master's Creed (The Modern Master)
The Modern Master recognises His responsibility that in accepting the gift of submission from His slave/submissive, He has obligations.
A Master's Prayer (My Last Sub)
My next Sub will be my last. She will be as devoted to me as I am to her. She will trust in my loyalty and my judgement. She will feel safe in my presence and still feel my protection in my absence. She will never mistake sensitivity and caring for weakness.
Domination and submission: A Dom's Point of View
When I look around the web, and listen to people talk on IRC, I am amazed at the wealth of information that abounds on all of its flavors and varieties. Much of this information tends to be technique oriented..."how to flog" or "using clothes pins." There is nothing wrong with that...and I wish I had access to
Advice to a Novice Dominant
How does a new Dominant begin with a sub? This is a fantastic article which will help the newbies out there wanting to dominate me. I also encourage ALL Dom/Dommes to visit this page. There are some very good points regarding Dominance. Dom/sub 101 is my attempt at explaining it all as simply as possible.
Points to Ponder - More Advice for Dominants
Eight interesting points to think about regarding dominance. #1. If you have to lie about yourself in order to get someone to submit to you. They did not submit to you.
Qualities of a Successful Dom
Very few people actually have what it takes to be successful dominants, and real dominants are actually quite rare, as many more people have the desire to dominate someone sadomasochistically than have the ability to do it well. To dominate someone full-time and in person requires a lot of very hard work on the dominant's part; a successful dominant does this hard work because the rewards, for him, are worth it.....
He Looks like a Dom and Quacks like a Dom , but is he really a Dom?
Thoughts on the difference between appearing to be in control, and actually being in control
10 Rules for a Wise Dominant
1) The submissive's SAFETY will always be of top priority to a wise Dominant, both physically and emotionally...........
Are You a Dominant or a God?
One submissive's personal message to dominants having a crisis of faith regarding their ability to dominate.
Unhealthy Control - Warning Signs of the Non Dominant
Do not confuse unhealthy controlling behavior for dominance.
Training the Sensual Submissive
Where to begin when training your submissive to be the perfect sensual partner for you.
An Examination of Domination and Punishment
Thoughts on sadism, domination, and punishment.
How should a Dom End the Relationship?
Scenario: The Dominant has decided it is best to end a relationship with a submissive. This isn't quite the same as ending a vanilla relationship. A sub has "given" themselves over to another human being, thus putting them at some level of subspace ALL the time. Does a Dom simply ...
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