BDSM Live-Chat Forum Chat Rooms has hundreds of geography specific bdsm chat rooms which make it a snap to
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Interactive Online Membership Club

The Power Exchange

Alt.Com is the World's Largest BDSM & Alternative Lifestyles Personals. Explore your kinky side with millions of naughty members

Bondage.Com is a supportive fetish community for experienced bondage and bdsm enthusiasts. Join the network today!

BDSM Resources and Chat Channels

BDSM Backroom  The Backroom is a place for people who are interested in the BDSM lifestyle, who are looking for others to exchange experiences and people who are curious what BDSM is about and who want to learn more about it.

Gloria Brame's Castle in the Sky

SubCulture: A forum for submissives

Iron Rose:    The well known IRC channel's excellent homepage  A virtual BDSM community with discussion boards

Latches   It is a non-profit support and discussion group for submissive women who have real-time, physical experience in a D/s with some aspect of BDSM practiced.


Submissive Loving's Blog Community   A listing of lifestyle blogs (online journals)

General D/s, BDSM/Fetish information

Kaska's Library  A Dominant with wise words to share

Bdsm Index's great collection of information

BDSM Realm  A multitude of bdsm information. Quality site.

Steel Door  My favorite solid, safe,sane, real life advice site!!!

Bdsm Info  A Great site to learn more about bdsm activities

BDSM Equipment/Toy Stores

Extreme Restraints   Bondage gear, male chastity devices, and leather restraints of the highest quality as well as anal dildos, penis pumps and other eXtreme Restraints.

Adult Toy Chest   Welcome to The Adult Toy Chest, where pleasure and erotic adventure come to life in our exciting online catalog. We carry a variety of adult products including sex toys, bondage gear, bdsm toys, fetish wear, adult videos, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, adult games, adult books, lubricants, aphrodisiacs, massage oil, condoms, kama sutra, clothing, shoes and more!

BDSM Links Sites

Dungeon Net

FetBot   Open directory for Fetish and BDSM sites.
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Excellent!! The Loving Dominant. SM 101. MUST read for newbies!!! Screw the Roses Send Me the Thorns Sensuous Magic.