Ok, so you've decided you are a Dom or sub and want to pursue a D/s relationship. Wonderful. I wish you much success upon your journey. The articles below will help you along your way.

Who Are You?
Where Are You With Yourself & The Lifestyle?
True, Real, and Wannabe..Ridding Ourselves of the Country Club Mentality.
Still fighting the childish mentality of "the ONE true way."
Why is it We Do What We Do? or What Do We Need a Dominant For Anyway?
One woman's search for "why" D/s and when did the craving begin?
Demands vs. Expectations
If you want to get to know someone, then go for it. If they want to get to know you and you want them too, then let them go digging. Stop showing people round the fun-fair just so they can see all the rides are closed.
The Number One Fear
This article is in response to the site poll, "What is your greatest fear regarding entering into or being in a d/s relationship?"
Ownership and Collars
There appears to be some confusion regarding ownership and collars. I do hope I can help to clear some of that up for you.
Lifestyle Contract
An example of a lifestyle contract.
When Fantasy and Reality Collide
Unrealistic expectations and desires are some of the most difficult challenges faced by those who are experienced in the lifestyle when dealing with those just entering the lifestyle. In many ways we each buy into a particular 'aspect' of the fantasy. Be it the control, or the subjugation or the intense eroticism. None of these things are sustainable 24 hours a day. Yet over and over people try to implement the impossible.
Can D/s Survive Marriage?
An article written by slave dove regarding the realities of 24/7 dominance & submission.
Progression of a D/s Relationship
You've decided that this type of lifestyle is for you, and you're interested in pursuing a relationship with a Master or a submissive. You think you are prepared for everything that you will encounter in the Mastery lifestyle, but have you thought about the actual future? Have you considered how the relationship will progress?.........
Rules for a D/s Relationship
One of the most important aspects of a D/s relationship, but often least considered especially by newcomers, is the rules pertaining to who controls what part of the submissive's life. It is all too easy to say that the Dominant retains total control, period. However,........
Domination and submission: A Dom's Point of View
When I look around the web, and listen to people talk on IRC, I am amazed at the wealth of information that abounds on BDSM...in all of its flavors and varieties. Much of this information tends to be technique oriented..."how to flog" or "using clothes pins." There is nothing wrong with that...and I wish I had access to
101 ideas to make Your slave feel Owned (i.e. loved)
This article is off-site and I adored the idea of it so much that I'm adding the link to it here. Run out of ideas on what to do with that sub/slave?? THIS is the place to look.
Get the facts about polyamory BEFORE you wig out and rant regarding something you don't have the facts on. This article is offsite but so excellent that I just HAD to add the link here for those with questions concerning this controversial subject.
Is withdrawl fair punishment for a sub/slave?
Passive Discipline
This article was written to address MINOR acting out behavior problems such as are fairly routine or typical in many D/s relationships. Part of ALL discipline is simple understanding between the Dominant and submissive and it should be clearly understood that all actions are voluntary. Communicate clearly. Communicate often. Listen!
How should a Dom End the Relationship?
Scenario: The Dominant has decided it is best to end a relationship with a submissive. This isn't quite the same as ending a vanilla relationship. A sub has "given" themselves over to another human being, thus putting them at some level of subspace ALL the time. Does a Dom simply ...
Role-playing Scenarios
Fun and sexy bdsm scene ideas and scenarios.
The Toy Box
The Toy Box is an individual's assemblage of toys. Within the BDSM realm we tend to commonly call instruments that deliver sensation 'Toys'. In extension the submissive themselves can at times be considered a 'Toy' being used or played with by a Dominant.
BDSM Toys/Sex Toys
I found a creative list of BDSM toys which I love, Click here to check it out! Bet you didn't know you had so many sex toys laying around your house.
What is a Scene?
A simple description of what to expect from a bdsm scene.
Submissive Loving's Book Shop
Recommended BDSM reading from fact to fiction
Submissive Loving's Music Shop
Music to enhance your scenes.
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