Lifestyle contract - Agreement of Power Exchange

Foreword: I am offering this contract on my site ONLY because you have probably heard about lifestyle contracts and are wondering what they are. I hesitate in condoning them because too many couples think a contract is their relationship set in stone when it should ONLY be viewed as a guideline. I DO condone contracts in the sense that I believe they open lines of communication between submissives and dominants. If more people in the world negotiated their relationship BEFORE a commitment as D/s couples do, I think there would be far less heartbreak in the world. Contracts should be used only as a guideline. Relationships grow and dynamics change with that growth. What is true for you today may be irrelevant in the future. The following contract is my personal favorite. I found it at and the only reason I am hosting it on my site is that the link changes so often that it made it impossible to keep up with, but I do want to give credit where credit is due. I take no credit for this contract.


I, , as a strong, devoted woman who has an ongoing commitment to , have the desire to express my love and dedication to the man I love and adore and thereby enter into this agreement with a free mind and a devoted heart. I give the gift of complete ownership; my heart, my body, and my soul to as a vow of this devotion. That the submission of my will is given to him knowing he is taking me into his care and guidance to grow together in love, trust and mutual respect. I regard myself as his property at all times. He accepts the keeping of my body and mind for the fulfillment and enhancement of our sexual, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs.will assume ownership of my other relationships, reserving rights over these relationships, however he will not interfere in them without my full prior knowledge. Furthermore, I agree there are no limits other than the ones that himself will decide upon. I regard myself as existing solely for pleasure and well being. He will guide me in any sexual, sensual, or scene related behavior, both together with, and separate from him, in such a way as to further my growth as a person. He considers it his responsibility to know when I am in trouble.

He will guide me in any sexual, sensual, or scene related behavior, both together with, and separate from him, in such a way as to further my growth as a person. He considers it his responsibility to know when I am in trouble.

He will keep me safe no matter how restrained or deep within the scene I may be. If he pushes me over the edge, he accepts the responsibility of bringing me back safely with reassurance and affection. If I want a safeword, or a safety signal for a scene, will set one up. If I want a permanent safeword, or a safety signal, will discuss with me the reasons as to having this request and decide if it is appropriate. He will respect my safewords and safety signals, but will not rely on them. He will treat my use of safewords like any other refusal. will mold and shape me; assisting me to grow in strength, character, confidence, and being, and that he will continue to help me to develop my artistic and intellectual abilities. I will obey and please him in all aspects of life, from practical everyday living things, to fun and erotic events. The satisfaction of his wants, desires, and whims are consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to him. I offer him, in all respects, use of my time, talents, and abilities. I am willing to do absolutely anything for , giving him total control of my life without hesitation or consideration of myself or others.

has the right and responsibility of inflicting disciplinary measures upon me, in order to continually assert his position as Master and of my position as his slave and submissive. Discipline also serves to soften my will and reinforces the bonds of ownership.

In not fulfilling his requests, he has the right to punish me as he see fits. He offers me the right to refuse him in anything without suffering retribution. My refusal tells him something is wrong between us and is therefore a reason for serious discussion to fix problems. However, if it becomes clear that I have refused him for selfish personal reasons, he reserves the right to punish me. If he chooses to punish me, I will not enjoy the punishment. However, I have a right to his continued affection and support, especially while he is punishing me. He will never withhold his support and affection from me as a means of punishment.I will obey his commands to the best of my ability and strive to overcome feelings of guilt or shame, and all inhibitions that interfere with my capability to serve him; and limit my growth as his submissive. I will be honest and open, revealing my thoughts, feelings, and desires without hesitation or embarrassment; informing him of wants and perceived needs, recognizing that he is the sole judge of whether or how these shall be satisfied.In aims to please him, I desire to have a positive self-image and development of realistic expectations and goals, working with him to become a happy and self-fulfilled individual and work against negative aspects of my ego and my insecurities that would interfere with this advancement.

has no interest in running my daily life, which remains my responsibility. However, if there's anything he wants from me, something as trivial as the color of my lipstick to something as serious as quitting a job or giving up a friendship, then he expects my obedience, after any pertinent and appropriate discussions or negotiations are concluded.

I, in turn, expect to be regarded as a treasured possession, one that is cherished, loved, protected and respected. understands that nothing asked of me shall demean me as a person, nor diminish my own responsibilities toward making utmost use of my potential. will offer me the safe and unrestricted right to question him about anything. He,will give me a truthful and honest answer to any question. If for any reason he can not answer a question directly, he will give me an honest explanation to why he can not answer me. will not require me to break a confidence without having some significant purpose of his own. He will explain his purposes to me on request, and will fairly consider my explanation as to why I might not want to disclose a confidence to him. Any such information will rest between us in confidence, and he will not reveal it to other people without my specific consent, unless he believes he has ajustifiable reason.

I shall devote some of my time to other commitments (e.g. job, kids), that he shall not damage or harm, nor interfere with the performance of my duties as mother unless strongly objects to some aspect or act of that commitment, in which case I will do as he wishes, after appropriatediscussions or negotiations are concluded.

will take what he wants from me in as a responsible manner as he can. He will not seriously interfere with my private life without appropriate consideration of his own purposes compared to the effects of his wishes on my life. However by submitting myself, I must expect him to use me as he wishes.This detailed arrangement is entered into our relationship with an explicit awareness of the respective roles, describing both of our expectations and responsibilities and is a much clearer and more specific agreement than the traditional marriage. These commitments serve as the basis for an extension of our relationship, in the spirit of loving and consensual dominance and submission with the intention of furthering self-awareness and exploration, promoting health and happiness, and improving both our lives.

This agreement is also entered into with the explicit understanding that I am not able to leave this relationship no matter how much I might desire to do so. Only has the power to dissolve the bond of ownership, and this will remain true no matter how unhappy I might become. However, if I ever feel strongly about wanting to leave at some point in the future, promises that he will carefully assess our relationship for a lengthy period of time in order to determine if releasing me is really the best thing. If, after many months of attempting to resolve our difficulties, he believes that my unhappiness with him or with the relationship is a permanent condition that can not be fixed by either of us, he will release me.

I offer my consent to this agreement to under the terms stated above on this the ## day of [MONTH] in the year 200X.

I offer my acceptance of this agreement by under the terms stated above on this the ## day of [MONTH] in the year 200X.

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