Why Is It We Do What We Do? or What Do We Want a Dominant For Anyway?

by Cerina X (all rights reserved)

Ok, so you know you want that dom to be honest, in control, to respect you as a woman, to make you feel secure...all those other things you described in "traits".....

A vanilla guy can do that, can't he? Yes he can. Now, I want you to really THINK. Dig deep. What is it you want a dominant for? And no, you are not allowed to say you want one because you are a submissive/slave/pet/whatever...that is not acceptable.

The part I hate is that I always have to go first. Takes a deep breath....

I have always sought out and been attracted to dominant men. There are tons of dominant guys out there who can fulfill many of my expectations in a relationship and they are all vanilla. After Master asked me this very same question, I spent the next 3 or 4 days thinking really hard and long. At first, I was almost horrified thinking I only wanted a Dom for the kink, but after further deliberation I realized that I could get a vanilla guy to do those things to me and that wasn't my answer just yet...something was missing....but what?

Then, it hit me. I thought all the way back to childhood and started to recall my earliest fantasies. I was always a strong woman in them who couldn't be bothered with men much...UNTIL...one man stood out. One man didn't take "no" for an answer. One man pursued me and won the battle of wills. One man understood my vulnerabilities and supported my strengths. I became his. My loyalty was fierce and not to be reckoned with. My love knew no bounds. So now, as an adult who has found herself to be a submissive and is willing to pursue this lifestyle....

I want a Dom who has chosen this lifestyle because he is propelled forward by some mysterious force he cannot describe. A force which calls him to not only live out his fantasies of being that "One man" but wants to help me live out my fantasies of being his "one woman." He puts forth a conscious effort to create a secure atmosphere for both of us to live out these desires. He strives each and every day to not only better himself but to help me become my best so that I might find my wings and soar. All in all, the greatest part of this lifestyle that everyone seems to skip over is that; it is made up of people who are courageous enough to KNOW exactly what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get it. We are the only ones with enough guts to enjoy everything life has to offer and nurture our inner child by living out our fantasies as adults.

What do I want a Dominant for?

I want him for living out every fantasy I've ever had regarding relationships and I want to fulfill every fantasy he's ever had regarding them as well. Vanilla men cannot be bothered with this for the most part. Trust me, I know, I've tried.


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