by Cerina X

The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.

The word, "tolerance", is tossed about on bdsm web sites, chat rooms, newsgroups, at munches, and play parties, but I've rarely seen it in action. To date, it appears tolerance is only used with others who have similar beliefs but God help anyone who comes along who practices D/s or bdsm in a completely different manner than the "norm". I've witnessed enough feeding frenzies and verbal lynch mobs to know this is the truth.

As a submissive or dominant learning and practicing tolerance is a must. You will meet many people on your journey who will be completely different from yourself and by employing tolerance you stand a good chance of not only broadening your horizons but deepening your understanding of dominance and submission. Not one of us was born with the knowledge of how to be a submissive or a dominant, and only by keeping our minds open can we expect to better ourselves. Tolerance is not about agreeing with others or forcing ourselves to think as they do. It is about respecting people's right to their own opinions, ideas, and way of life. It is an honorable and desirable trait every submissive and dominant should learn and utilize. Remember, there is no "one true way" to be a submissive, a dominant, or practice D/s, and a closed mind never benefits from life's necessary lessons.

written by Cerina, all rights reserved by her and Submissive Loving.

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