A Master's Prayer

All rights reserved. This is an original article by S. Garrett. 8/31/01. Submissive Loving holds exclusive rights.

My Last Submissive. A Master's Prayer?

My next Sub will be my last. She will be as devoted to me as I am to her. She will trust in my loyalty and my judgement. She will feel safe in my presence and still feel my protection in my absence. She will never mistake sensitivity and caring for weakness.

She will share her problems with me. Not in an attempt to have me take them off her shoulders but as a pupil sharing with a tutor. She will take as much joy in learning from me as I take in teaching. She will take pride in the way that people respect my opinion. She will feel such pleasure when her friends consult me for advice. She will know that I will take responsibility for their welfare too. She will take pleasure in my pride of her too. As she goes about her duties at home or work, she will feel my eyes on her approving her intelligence and diligence. She will await eagerly the opportunity to share her triumphs with me and will revel in the feeling of my proud arms as they wrap around her.

She will recognise that the physical manifestation of my need for her will take the form of sex; but she will know that it is her I need rather than the sex. She will know that our erotic explorations are simply explorations of each other. She will see my need for her at the most inappropriate times and revel in the warmth of that; knowing as she does that I would do nothing to damage her standing with friends, family or colleagues. She will find it as exciting to be always available to my lust as I do in knowing it to be so. She will take so much pleasure in my need that it will be her constant preoccupation to inspire even more need. She will find the joy of my response to her imaginative stimulation enthralling. She will use everything at her disposal, including other men and women to take my need to greater heights.

Though sometimes coloured by fear, her eagerness to see how I intend to stretch her limits once more, will know no bounds. Her anticipation will be liquid and speed her back to our home. For all her obedience and devotion she will be demanding. I will feel challenged to satisfy all her needs and she will recognise the achievement when it is done. She will know that no other could satisfy her so. Though, mischievously, she will identify anyone that has the appearance of being able to and taunt me with how eager she is to make them to attempt to do so.

She will be totally open with me and neither hide or filter any thoughts, feelings, responses or actions from me. She will do so, safe in the knowledge that while I can be assured of her candour, I will never judge her. Only those thoughts and actions that she tries not to share will be considered transgressions. She will know and understand that outside of those activities that I have specifically directed her in, she has total freedom and will exercise that freedom with alacrity, never suppressing any desire or impulse. She will know that this license in no way reduces her right to exclusive access to my heart and desire.

She will know that I love her dearly and will return that depth of feeling. She will have no more choice in this than I do. She will be in my power and I in hers. We each will be besotted with the core of the other and this will transcend any other attraction. This joy will last me the rest of my life.

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