The Modern Master
Dominance in the New Millenium

Written by S. Garrett. This article is the property of SL. All rights held and reserved by Submissive Loving.

The Master is in control. This control has been surrendered to Him by His slave, her most precious gift. He accepts the responsibility that comes with this gift. He is clear and precise in His demands, leaving His slave in no doubt what is required of her; what it takes to please Him. To ensure this, He is open about His feelings and His needs. He provides His slave with a consistent framework in which to live. Changes to this framework are introduced with clear instructions and training. He never expects His slave to read His mind.

The Master demonstrates His strength in the rigour with which He prosecutes training and discipline. He demands total obedience and compliance at all times. He knows His slave thrives on such rigidity provided His demands are realistic. Any transgressions are identified immediately and dealt with fairness with relation to the transfer of power. His demands test and challenge the submission of His slave. She is given ample opportunity to prove herself to Him.

Knowing they must both develop The Master takes Himself and His slave forward. When He encounters areas He has not explored before, He is secure enough, in Himself, to admit He does not know everything there is to know. To ensure the safety of His slave, He has the courage to ask questions of Those that do Know..

While recognising that it is His selfishness that provides His slave with the opportunity to serve, The Master is conscious that she has needs too. He sees the value in her continued development as a human being. He is secure enough to feel no threat from her growth. He encourages and guides this development. His pride in her achievements is an ever-present spur for her to succeed for Him.

The Master is ever conscious of the need for trust within the relationship. He knows that this is only possible in an atmosphere of complete honesty, the foundation of the relationship. He has the wisdom to realise that all humans are slaves to the truth while they perceive it to be in their interests to be so an He shows His slave that it is always in her interest to be truthful.

The Master is Human too. On those occasions when He falls short of the ideal, He displays maturity in admitting that He is wrong. More importantly, He learns from this and corrects the flaw in His behaviour with even more vigour than when He disciplines His slave.

The Modern Master recognises His responsibility that in accepting the gift of submission from His slave/submissive, He has obligations. He owes her His trust and will behave with the utmost trustworthiness too. His submissive must be safe in the knowledge that he will never harm her (the definition of harm will have been clearly stated before the transfer of power). . He will recognise that His responsibilities transcends any agreement. He cannot allow His submissive to enter into a self-destructive activity no matter how willingly. He will manage the transfer of power; accepting that it is He who should ensure that all activities that He expects from His submissive will have been discussed and honour the fact that no submissive can honourably be obliged to comply with any omissions. He will honour His submissive's hard limits as He would His own. While always seeking to make this relationship His last, He will honour His obligations should the relationship fail. His goal will be to leave His submissive whole and able to trust again.

The Modern Master will be friend, guide and teacher to His submissive. He will take joy in assisting in His submissive's development. He will be His submissive's advisor in all whole life issues. Career and parenting skills will be seen to have as great a priority as training in serving Him. He will take joy in His submissive following His lead and inspire His submissive to take joy in His guidance. He will be selfless in His paternal care.

The Modern Master should demonstrate His Mastery by teaching His submissive in all aspects of the sensual. Without removing the responsibility of His submissive to seek and learn the ways to please her Master, will guide her with subtly. He will endeavour to never allow her to be confused by His responses.

The Modern Master knows the importance of a consistent framework of behaviour to His submissive. He will enforce this framework with wisdom. He knows that the reinforcement of positive behaviour is far more effective in correcting behaviour than punishment. He recognises that careless application of discipline can be the source of unnecessary and confusing anguish for His submissive.

The Modern Master will reward His submissive by loving her. He will offer her the safe haven of His need. Even as He administers pain, He does so with a loving hand. He will cherish His submissive, in His way. he will recognise that within a D/s relationship, it is the relationship that is at the core; that D/s and BDSM activities are but enhancements of that relationship.

The Modern Master earns His title by his Mastery of His submissive's sensuality. He will endeavour to be unique to her; endeavour to be her world. He will demonstrate consummate skill in the safe application of BDSM techniques and an understanding of how she will respond to such sensual stimuli. His control will be total and will pervade His submissive's life within the agreed limits.

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