Rules For a Wise Dominant

written by cerina. The following article is exclusive to Submissive Loving. All rights reserved. Do Not copy without permission.

1) The submissive's safety is first and foremost. This includes emotional safety as well as physical safety.

2) Communicate. The submissive should always know where she stands, why something is happening, and should feel safe to voice her concerns, needs, and desires.

3) Trust and be trustworthy. If a submissive feels she is not trusted, she will always feel she is failing you in some way. We have the right to be trusted until we prove otherwise. If you have issues with trust, that isn't our fault even though we will do everything in our power to prove to you that you can depend upon our words and actions just as you should do the same. Complete honesty is a must!!

4) Punishment should never be administered in anger. It should always be with a loving hand when you are calm and thinking clearly. Take a time out before you act. Explain why you are punishing and what you expect to happen in the future.

5) Admit that you are a human being who makes mistakes. The relationship will grow along with the bond between the two of you when you can own up to mistakes and say you are sorry.

6) Always encourage your submissive to be the best she can be. Help her to be a strong, secure, happy, and healthy person. You will reap the benefits as she soars to heights she never thought she could attain.

7) Never assume or think that you know all you need to know about being a good dominant. Always be open to learning and seek out knowledge whenever the opportunity arises. You have no business taking another's life into your hands until you are prepared to do so.

8) Create well negotiated, firm boundaries. A submissive desires order and needs to know that when she crosses a line she will be consistantly punished.

9) Always ensure that your submissive knows she is valued.

10) Do not abandon a submissive when you wish to end a relationship. You have just as much responsiblity for her emotional well being when it is ending as you do while you are together.

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