Meeting Others in the Lifestyle

I have spoken with a large number of Dominants and submissives who used the following services to meet others in the lifestyle. is by far the most popular and allows you to be quite specific regarding what type of person you are searching for. It is FREE, which is the best part.

A few people have complained saying that is NOT test it out I joined and found that yes, it IS free but you need to earn points for things. Earning points is not that hard to do even if it is a pain in the tush.

NEW side note: I have since become a paying member of and many other people have for the same reason: Meeting other "serious" people. It cuts down on the number of cyber geeks just out for some fun and it assures me they most likely have a job if they're paying members. Call me crazy, but I like men who work.

Join - largest BDSM/Alternative Lifestyle Personals!

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