Anticipation of the Dominants Needs

by Cerina X (all rights reserved and held by Submissive Loving)

Anticipate: To feel or realize beforehand; foresee:

Need: A condition or situation in which something is required or wanted

Anticipation of needs is one aspect of submission that my Master expects from me and I do believe that there are many other dominants who expect the same effort. When I went forth and asked a few people what anticipation of needs meant to dominants and how a submissive should go about such a task I was given the answer "ask your dom" quite a few times. Such an answer is not acceptable. Submissives need information more solid than that and so I am tackling this question with the help of a few friends.

I am not a mind reader and I am going to go out on a limb and presume that neither are you. However, if you are, I am still looking for a particular black sock that disappeared a few weeks back and could use your help. Now, with that aside, let us get down to business. You can see from the definitions I prefaced this article with that anticipating another's need can be quite useful to a submissive who wishes to please their dominant. While dominants are skillful at making their needs and desires known to us, we must be just as skillful in using what information we have about them to make their lives easier, pleasant, and less stressful.

I can hear you now. "Ok Cerina the non mind reader....just how do we perform this magic?." Well ye of little faith, I am going to tell you so sit tight. As mentioned above, we gather information. We store said information in our brain and if that is too much to ask, write it down. Keep a journal. What kind of information? ( I anticipated you would ask. I am good at what I do.) Take note of his/her: food choices, drinks, favorite magazines and books, grooming habits, sleep schedule, work schedule, sexual turn ons, other physical needs such as medication, dietary needs, health concerns, interests, etc. etc. Ask questions if need be and take the initiative in using the gathered information to fulfill those needs to the best of your ability.

How to take the initiative?


Your dominant is having difficulty getting up in the morning. He/she doesn't complain but you notice the black circles under the eyes and the fact that they fall asleep standing up in the shower. Hey, that is a clue! This person is not getting enough sleep. (yes, this is written a bit cheesily but hey, I do not see you volunteering to write this.) Said dominant has been staying up far too late reading, watching TV, or working and has put aside their need for sleep. Do we order them to go to bed at nine the next night? Not unless we are in the mood for some growling and a beating we do not.

Cerina's tip: (an oldie but a goodie) "Master, you are looking a bit worn. Would it please you if I were to give you a full body massage on the bed?" Naked full body massages are rarely passed by and if you set the temp in the bedroom just right, the lighting just right, and put on the Astral Massage cd they will be snoring like a baby before you get down to their toes. Warning: Naked full body massages have been known to cause stiffness to a particular region which may need to be alleviated. (Time to learn the lingam massage) Either way, you've pleased your dominant and have fulfilled a need for him/her without overstepping any boundaries. Mission accomplished. Said dominant wakes up refreshed the next morning thinking you are a saint.

What does this mean? It means that, no you are not expected to "mother" the dominant nor expected to read their mind. You just need to be open to His/Her needs as well as your own. ( Master read this and says: "If the idea of being open and mindful of the dominants needs is a new concept to you, alarm bells should be going off that perhaps submission is not for you.)

Now, I'd like to introduce you to a lovely woman who has been kind enough to share her experience regarding anticipating her Master's needs. She and her Master just celebrated their second wedding anniversary. They are a couple who deserve a great deal of respect for not only their dedication to one another but their desire to help others in the lifestyle.

Anticipation of Needs Part II by mrs. MoU

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