Anticipation of the Dominants Needs Part II

by Karrieann (all rights reserved and held by Submissive Loving)

First off, Thank you for asking MoU and myself to help you with your questions. We really appreciate the opportunity to express ourselves to anyone who wishes to know more about us. Next, a warning, you will not find my answer straight away. LOL! Because I feel I need to give you a bit of background information. I also need to start typing get my thoughts going. Then the answers you seek should be in this letter. And this may end up being long.

Well, let me get started.
The background information: I find that MoU and I are in a unique relationship, even rare. The marriage part is not rare, but the type of marriage relationship may be. We use and live by the laws of a marriage set in the 1800's. We literally live where the Husband is the complete authority of the household and of his wife, a wife who has no rights. Yes, in fact I am his property by the contract of marriage. (no, we do not have a specific contract that states that, but we agreed to this before our marriage)

A quick story: On our wedding day, at the courthouse, we spoke to the Judge requesting that he would specifically state the words "obey" in our vows because we wanted it there. I really wanted it there because I was very serious in my commitment to MoU as his wife. Well, the judge said he cannot legally say that part of the vows. I looked to Master and said that is okay because we still have our written vows to share. When it was my turn to say my vows I said to my Master as a part of my vows "I will honor you, respect you and obey you as your wife" Jumps from background info:

I feel it is my devoted duty to learn MoU's needs and what they are. At first, His needs were not at all clear, but as we lived together, I learned. As time went on those needs change. Not all His needs are sexual. ( A better picture of our lives, maybe a better understanding, we live the Dominant and slave roles as it is life for us, and the BDSM part is our sexual life.) At the beginning, what I thought His needs were for me to be one hundred percent devoted to him, to support Him and His values, to take care of His sexual needs as I am his wife to be used for His sexual needs, to accept totally whatever He may wish, to support Him. Also to stand by Him. We are at a time in our life, not by choice, when His leg was injured in an accident leaving Him unable to do the basic day to day living. My role as his wife is to support Him and help him with day to day living. His leg needed to have the dressing changed. He needed assistance to get to bed, etc. He also needed my emotional strength and support to carry Him through. This may have seemed at times when I felt it was I who was dominating MoU. Like at the times when He needed to do his painful exercises.

This was awkward for me but he needed that from me as his wife. It was my duty to serve all His needs at the moment it dictated. MoU has improved greatly but still is in need of my support. His lack of mobility still prevents Him from doing the simple basic things because he needs the aid of the walker which leaves him without use of His hands to carry things. So, I make sure His needs of coffee and cigarettes are prepared for him, also bringing them to him. I make sure that those kinds of needs are done before I head off to work. Also making sure the phone is near him so He has no need to scramble for it. (Although he would just ignore it.) Okay, moving onto another area of what his needs are. His need of me to be His sexual fulfillment. I obediently give myself to him fully for I truly believe he owns me, all of me. When we began our relationship His needs and commands were new to me. Yes, at first He told me everything that He wanted and commanded. Over time, I learned his body language, signals, and His need of my body to pleasure Himself. The bondage, the cane, the purity of me doing things for him, like playing with myself. All these things became part of my life. When he would say "get the cane, crawl back with it in your mouth and beg to be caned" Now, all he has to say is get the cane, I know that I am to crawl with it in my mouth and beg to be caned, including bending over or getting on all fours with my arse bare.

I think that I have learned what His needs are, either it be sexual or normal living, and through constantly doing these things they become natural so I am able to respond to them without Him actually saying word for word what He wants or needs. This only happens, I feel, from really being devoted and placing Him before myself. My needs are being met as well because my needs are to meet His. Other areas of needs. He needs to be the authority of our lives which includes controlling the budget. I literally ask him for everything because this keeps me in His control. How I anticipate this one? Well, I just obey. I also find this all easy to do because with my whole being I love this man more than I can ever describe in words. He is my whole life and all I want to do is to please him totally. Sure we have times that I may not be happy with His decisions but I accept and obey them because I promised to do so. I will admit also that at times I may act like a child who did not get her way, but I trust Him with my life. Also, I know in the end He is correct for He knows what is best for my well being, either emotionally or physically. In knowing this, through trust and loyalty, all I ever wish to do is please Him fully. That means knowing His needs.

With Honesty,
Karrieann aka "delite"

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