Submission from Strength

The following was written as S. Garrett's response to someone's offhand comment that they were surprised to find I (Cerina) am a submissive due to my manner and "attitude". I've held onto a copy of this for months and finally felt that it might be helpful to others in understanding why a strong willed submissive is found valuable. I mostly put off posting this to the site because I was shy about appearing to be tooting my own horn since the article is complimentary I simply want other submissives and dominants to know that subservience and submission are two different kettles of fish.


That curious and thought provoking response to your strong approach to submission in your message box inspired the following thoughts:

I am not sure if, before meeting cerina, that strength of will would have instinctively been high on my specification of the 'ideal submissive'. Not because I find the juxtaposition of strength and submission in anyway incongruous but because I never realised that that element, which I did, indeed find essential, could accurately be expressed in those terms. Nor, when I first experienced the refreshingly different image of submission that cerina projected did I identify it as a product of her strength of will.

However, once it was expressed in such terms by another Dominant, I realised just how important it is, to me, that when a woman submits to my Dominance, she does so from a position of strength. I am a demanding Dominant (not in the 'get me another can of beer' sense). It is necessary for me to continually 'stretch' a woman's envelopes of sexuality and sensuality. This goes far beyond 'stretching her limits', it is a constant demand of sacrifice of her morals, her sense of decency, even her dignity for my pleasure. Such sacrifices only have a genuine value when they are ceded from a position of intelligent strength. This girl must have alternatives to submitting to my will but her sacrifice is a demonstration that it is the strength of my dominance and nothing else is what robs her of these alternatives.

The strength of her will is important not only for the extreme physical excitement that her sacrifice of it inspires in me, but also to my vanity. For, what greater compliment can a man receive to his power of dominance than that he can, even in the face of a strong will, make a woman submit to his bidding? I do see cerina's strength and intelligence as supremely important to my status as a Dominant. No way could this effect be replicated by a girl who mistakenly sees submission as a synonym for subservience. No woman, who sees her role as shyly serving every strong willed man she encounters, could make me so proud of my ability to Dominate.

For this I am supremely grateful to cerina. Not that she really had any choice in the matter .

by S. Garrett

all copyrights reserved by Cerina and Submissive Loving

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