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Bringing you information on my favorite new toys.

The toys are linked to the online store where you can purchase them.

Extreme Restraints

This inexpensive electric paddle will really give them a jolt. Originally this lightweight plastic and wire tennis shaped racket was intended for use as an electric fly swatter or bug zapper. Activate the paddle by pressing the button to turn the paddle on and then apply it to the target. This electric zapper paddle emits a really intense electrical shock.

Televibe- for Long Distance Stimulation

Finally you can truly touch your loved one or your submissive from across the globe. All you need is either a telephone or a computer with internet access. Masters or Mistresses can stimulate their subs with the 7" long, 1.5" wide G-Spot jelly insertable that can be administered in the anus or in the vagina. Once the 2 are connected by either the phone or computer the administrator has control of the vibe. The touch tones from the other phone or computer will make your TELEVIBE respond with one of 9 distinct functions!

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