Pleasing your Dominant

How to gracefully handle being less than perfect.

by Cerina, all rights reserved and exclusively held by Submissive Loving

I'm beginning to think it is impossible to completely please someone. What an awful thought because as a submissive, that is my job. We are not expected to please anyone other than our Dominant and at first glance, that appears to be simple, right? Making one person happy should be a piece of cake. No problem. Uh huh. Right. Allow me to be vulnerable enough to admit that I find it extremely difficult sometimes.

I've run into more than my share of "submissives" out there who claim that because they were "born" a submissive, (eye rolling going on over here) that pleasing their Dominant is as simple as breathing to them. Well, wonderful for them, but for us human beings it isn't so automatic. Why? Because I believe the Dominant makes sure it isn't that simple. Think of it as another limit being pushed. They are Dominants, that is their nature, and we obsess far too much over not being "pleasing" and allow ourselves to emotionally beat ourselves up at the slightest "mistake". We are submissives, that is our nature.

My advice? Focus upon the task at hand and always do your best. Your best IS good enough. IF and when the Dominant points out an error, do not see it as a mistake but as an opportunity to learn. It is His job to teach you and yours to learn. Do not become defensive. This will get you nowhere as it means your mind is closed and the opportunity to grow will be lost. Do not list off excuses. Be strong enough to say, "I did my best. This is the result. How can I do it better? Please show/tell me. I wish to learn."

P.S Take it from me. Pouting over having a mistake pointed out to you is not high on a Dominants list of qualities they find attractive in a submissive. Avoid it as much as possible.


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