Hot Tantric Tips

by Cerina X (all rights reserved)

The Hot Spot: the eyes

What You Do: keep your eyes open throughout the erotic encounter and gaze steadily into hers, even if she drops her eyelids.

What It Does To Her: Known as "Soul-gazing," this technique transmits a huge amount of sexual energy. People have reportedly achieved orgasm just by gazing at each other.


The Hot Spot: the tip of the nose

What You Do: Use this as your starting point for touching. Begin simply by lightly caressing it with your fingertip. Gradually extend the caresses down to her neck, armpits, breasts, stomach, genitals, and back up again to her nose, slowly creating a circle of energy which encompasses her from nose to yoni

What It Does To Her: the tip of the nose is on the meridian which connects to the Root Chakra. Touching it sends energy flowing through that meridian. When you trace the meridian with your fingertips down to the Root Chakra and then up again to her nose, you create a complete circuit of energy which awakens her sexual desires


The Hot Spot: just under the eye, in line with the pupil

What You Do: Lightly stroke down her face, beginning at the point beneath the eye, which connects to the stomach channel. Press your thumb along the channel, while working your palm very gently down her cheek, neck, breast, and all the way to the knee. Another fine technique is to cradle her head with your left arm as you stimulate the channel with your right hand. You can also kiss and nibble your way down the meridian.

What It Does For Her: the stomach channel is a primary meridian through the breast. A tremendous amount of sexual energy is freed by moving energy in and around the breast area.


The Hot Spot: the frenulum (that little connective tissue inside your mouth between your upper lip and the gums).

What You Do: Gently suck her upper lip between your lips (no teeth, please), so that your lower lip lightly rubs her frenulum.

What It Does To Her: The frenulum is a direct channel to the clitoris. Women have been known to get clitoral orgasms from this.


The Hot Spot: the area between the base of the skull and the top of the shoulders

What You Do: grasp, squeeze, bite, and suck in the area where the shoulders join the neck. There is four or five inch circle just where the shoulders start which respond well to light biting. Move up the back of the neck to the base of the skull, alternating biting and sucking.

What It Does To Her: These points often carry a lot of tension which the stimulation releases. They are also on meridians which connect directly to the sacrum and the pelvis, the two key areas for sexual awakening


The Hot Spot: the thyroid glands, located on either side of the throat, just behind the jaw-bone and a couple of inches down from the earlobe

What You Do: Very gently massage the glands with your fingertips

What It Does To Her: Freeing up the energy in those vital glands increases her sexual response.


The Hot Spot: between the shoulder blades

What You Do facing her, reach your hands around her back and lightly rub the area to warm and stimulate it. Slowly move closer until your chest is pressed close against hers, continuing to massage her between the shoulder blades. Gradually massage more deeply while holding her in your arms

What It Does For Her: In addition to the energy you create between her shoulders, the contact of your chest in front and your hands in back causes energy to pass through her heart.


The Hot Spot: the nipples. No big surprise.

What You Do: tickle, tease, caress, nibble and kiss. Don't hang from them like a nursing baby but focus on giving her a variety of gentle, pleasurable sensations. Still no big surprise.

What It Does to Her: Surprise! The nipples directly correlate to the clitoris.


The Hot Spot: The crease of her wrist. To find it, place your thumb on her wrist bone and gently roll down it into the little groove between the bone and her hand.

What You DO: massage and apply pressure to the groove

What It Does To Her: This technique transmits energy to the heart, which is the seat of passion, caring and love. It also remedies disturbances in Shen. If she's tense or distracted, this will balance her Shen and relax her, draining her of sexual anxiety.


The Hot Spot: a few inches below her navel, in the area just above the pubic bone (also known as "dan-tian," or "the elixir field").

What You Do: You can use soft, light touches or just rest your palm there, letting the energy flow from your hand into her body

What It Does To Her: Touching here stimulates her sacred spot from the outside. When pressure is lightly applied to the area, she starts to breathe into that area and experiences enhanced arousal.


The Hot Spot: the sacrum

What You Do: Use varying types of touch, starting with light pressure and moving up to harder touch. Watch for increased breathing and physical movement in other parts of their body to see which she responds to best. You can also scrape your nails against the sacrum or grasp the soft flesh back there, gently tugging the skin away from the spine before releasing it.

What It Does For Her: Work in the sacrum increases the amount of energy which flows into the pelvis and directly enhances arousal. Stretching the skin away from the spine opens up and unblocks the energy channel.


The Hot Spot: the outer lips of the yoni (labia majores)

What You Do: Gently massage the outside of the lips. Don't open the lips up or go inside. Slowly caress and tease the outer area only. Then stroke gently down to the inside of the groin and thigh on one side and back up on the other side, creating a circuit from her yoni to her thighs.

What It Does To Her: Isn't that obvious? It drives her wild by creating and moving energy around her pelvis.


The Hot Spot: the yoni

What You Do: Simply by placing your right hand on the woman's yoni, and your left hand on her heart, you breath in the energy from her heart and breath it back into her yoni, creating an energy loop from the seat of passion to the seat of pleasure

What It Does To Her: Do I really have to explain this to you?


The Hot Spot: the hollow between the Achilles tendon and the ankle bone

What You Do: using two hands, massage the hollows on both sides

What It Does For Her: This point is on the kidney meridian. Blocked kidney energies cause sexual inhibition; if she has a deficiency of Qi in the kidney (a common problem), her overall energies and her libido will be low. The massage restores Qi, revitalizes the kidney energies, and creates full-body arousal


The Hot Spot: Starting between the first two toes, slide your fingers up a couple of inches from the web to where the bones join. If you're a foot lover, you could begin your encounter at this spot.

What You Do: Massage that area on both feet, 30 seconds each.

What It Does To Her: This is a point on the liver meridian, which encircles the external genitalia (in Eastern medicine, that means everything from the cervix out, including the vagina). It's also an important point for draining tension and helping her to achieve relaxation. The technique communicates caring


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