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from the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man
by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams Arava

Your Sex Muscle

Your sex muscle, or pubococcygeus muscle (often simply called the PC muscle), is the muscular sling that stretches from your pubic bone in front to your tailbone in back, encircling your urethra, vagina, and anus. It forms a sling that supports not only your uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, but all of your internal organs. If your PC muscle isn't strong, you have no foundation for your organs and they can begin to sag.

Most women will recognize the PC as the muscle they use to stop themselves from urinating when they can't find a toilet. It is also the perineal muscle that must be strong and flexible to avoid tearing during childbirth. Still, the strain of childbirth can weaken your PC muscle. As Senior Healing Tao instructor and acopuncturist Dr. Angela Shen explains, "Especially after a woman has a baby, she has a tendency to get tired more easily and not to enjoy sex as much. Not all women, but many." For these women, Sexual Kung Fu can help them regain their energy and sexual strength.

The importance of the PC muscle was discovered in the West during the 1940s by Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist. He developed the famous Kegel (pronounced KAY-gul) exercises, which helped many women control therr bladders and ease childbirth. Later, women began to use these exercises to increase their sexual desire, intensify their orgasms, and become multi-orgasmic. Dr. Shen points out: "All women can experience more orgasms and expand the ones they have by doing these practices."


The easiest way to find your PC muscle is to stop the flow of urine by clamping down the muscles in your pelvis the next time you are urinating. Make sure you keep your stomach and legs relaxed. You want to try to isolate your PC muscle. If you have a strong PC muscle, you should be able to stop the flow of urine midstream and then start it again. If this is difficult for you and some urine dribbles out during your contraction, your PC muscle is weak. Not to worry: it will quickly strengthen with practice. If you find it easy to stop and start your urine flow, your PC muscle is strong. Nonetheless, you will still expand your sexual pleasure and your overall health by practicing PC exercises.

Strengthening this muscle will not only improve your sex life, but will also help you avoid bladder probiems in the future (or improve bladder problems that you may already have). Stopping the flow of urine may sting at first. This is a perfectly nonmal reaction and should stop within a few weeks, unless for some reason you have an infection, in which case you should wait until you have seen a doctor and cleared it up before continuing with the practice. If your muscles become sore, you just need practice.


There are many different exercises for strengthening your PC muscle that have been taught in the West, most of them adaptations of Kegels original technique. All of these teach you to contract and relax the PC muscle, although the number of repetitions and the amount of time they suggest you hold the contractions vary widely. The PC Pull-Ups exercise is based on a traditional Taoist technique. It also uses the Taoist awareness that the circular muscles of the body (those in your eyes, mouth, perineum, and anus) are connected. By squeezing the muscles around your eyes and mouth, you can increase the force of your PC Pull-Ups.

Although contracting your eyes and lips will help you squeeze your PC muscle around your vagina, the most important part of the practice is simply contracting and releasing your PC muscle as often as you can, which you can do practically anywhere- while driving, while watching TV, while sending a fax, while in a boring meeting. You can see how many contractions you can do during a red light, or you can hold a single contraction until the light turns green. Eventually you will be able to do the contractions with less effort and without contracting your eyes and lips.

Try to do the exercise at least two or three times a day, although you can do it is as many times as you like. Your muscles may get sore, just as they do after you do any exercise. Don't push yourself too far; just increase the repetitions gradually. Consistency is more important than quantity. One way to develop a daily routine is to connect your practice to daily events, like getting up in the morning, taking a shower, or lying in bed at night.

Another, even more effective way to strengthen your PC muscle is to squeeze the muscle against somethingóyour finger, your part- ner's finger, a vibrator, a dildo, or your partners penis. The resistance will help you better squeeze the muscle. Try squeezing your fist. You can tighten it only so much, but if you try squeezing your fist around a finger or two of your other hand, you will be able to tighten it even more. The same concept applies to your PC muscle.

If you are practicing with a partner, you can squeeze on your partners finger or penis and he can tell you how strong your PC muscle is. If you are having intercourse, each of you can alternate squeezing your PC muscles. When you contract yours, you will tighten around his penis and increase sensations for both of you. When he squeezes his, he will raise his erection toward his belly and possibly stimulate your G spot. Another highly enjoyable practice is for you to relax your PC muscle when you thrust together and then tighten your PC muscle when you separate. This will increase the feeling of suction during intercourse and can be very arousing for both of you.

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