Prostate Stimulation - The Male G-Spot

If you've had the opportunity to read any guides dealing with male sexuality, chances are you've heard of the prostate gland. It produces some of the fluids that are contained in the semen, giving the semen it's whitish color. One thing that you may not have heard, is that it can be a source of great sexual pleasure when massaged properly. Considered by many to be the male equivalent of the G spot, a prostate massage is easy to perform and your lover will thank you for it.

Like any form of anal play, prostate stimulation isn't for everyone. Some people associate the anus with feelings of dirtiness or shame, while others just don't respond well to this form of stimulation. If you decide to try prostate manipulation, you need to respect your inhibitions -- and those of your partner -- by taking things slow.

1) Start with a hot shower so you and your partner will feel clean.

2) Don't just jump into prostate stimulation -- enjoy a little foreplay first!

3) Use lots of lubricant! We recommend Anal-ese.

4) To find the prostate gland, reach down between your partner's legs, insert your index finger into the anus to the second knuckle and press forward, in a firm "come hither" motion. You'll be able to feel the prostate through the front part of the rectal wall.

5) Press gently. If you or your lover likes the sensation, press a little more firmly. You or your lover might enjoy a "shunting" sensation, experienced by smooth, rapid insertion and removal of one or more fingers.

6) Try using a sex toy! While many women's G-Spot toys work well for prostate stimulation, you'll definitely want to try the Anal E-Z Bend Vibe which has been designed specifically for prostate stimulation.

7) If you find you don't enjoy the sensation of prostate stimulation alone, try pairing it with genital massage or oral sex.

Your response to prostate stimulation depends on your particular physiology. Some men experience crashing orgasms when they stimulate their prostate glands, while others simply enjoy a great deal of pleasure. Some men don't enjoy the sensation at all, while others could take it or leave it. If you are unsure about your feelings toward this type of sensation, try it! If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again

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