Massage Oils, Creams, and other Sensual Treasures

iconicon Creme of massage by SHUNGA
Soft Moves icon
Infuse your erotic connection by softening the movements between you and your lover. This silky, edible cream allows bodies to glide...and sensuality to soar. Plus, it leaves your skin soft and smooth. 7 oz.
iconicon Erotic Massage oil by SHUNGA
Scented Oil icon
Relax at the end of your day or start something tantalizing with this incredibly sensual, rose-scented oil. For a hotter experience, warm the oil -- the feeling is pure seduction! Does not stain. 8 oz.
iconicon Kama Sutra
Massage Cream Trio icon
A little "taste-ful," irresistible fun. Try these three sensuous, deliciously edible massage creams -- in scrumptious vanilla creme, tempting raspberry creme, and tingling cool mint. 1 set - currently in stock
iconicon Kama Sutra
Massage Therapy Kit icon
Explore the sensations of sensual massage with intoxicating essential oils. These five seductive scents are light, non-greasy, glide on smoothly, and minimize friction. Not for use with Latex condoms.
iconicon Kama Sutra
Pleasure Balm icon
The tingling touch of this edible emollient heightens and prolongs pleasure. Its gently numbing effect feels like a cool breeze and teases kisses with a hint of fresh mint.
iconicon Kama Sutra
The Collection, Loving Oils Gift Set, 5 bottles icon
Fan the flames of passion with decadent massage oils. Inspired by the ancient Indian love text, these five tasty oils can heat up and add a little tingle to a kiss. Flavors are original, cherry almond, raspberry kiss, vanilla creme, and chocolate mint.
iconicon Kama Sutra
Lover's Paintbox, Edible Chocolate icon For those who think chocolate is better than sex, here's a way to indulge in your two favorite passions at once. Brush this incredibly rich chocolate onto someone you love to love, then treat both of you to a sweet feast for the senses.
iconicon Kama Sutra
Bedside Box, Lover's Toolkit icon Fine-tune romance with this sensually-packed box. Kama Sutra's ingredients for romance include edible Honey Dust, Oil of Love, Love Liquid, a feather, and vanilla-scented massage cream.
iconicon Kama Sutra
Earthly Delights Gift Tin icon The ultimate kit for lovers. This captivating collection of sensory, intimate delights includes edible Honey Dust, Massage Creme, Massage Oil, Pleasure Balm, and Oil of Love

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