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The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica by Marilyn Jaye Lewis (Editor), Maxim Jakubowski (Editor

As artful as it is exciting, as tasteful as it is daring, this up-market illustrated Mammoth volume offers a massive gallery of stunning images by eighty photographers who have set the trends in nude photography and made a mark with their erotica in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.
Naked Rooms by Peter Gorman (Photographer), Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Gorman captures these woman in the situations that we all go though during the week. Photos of woman in the shower, eating, sitting, even masterbating. This is a very [explicit] book.
Lapdancer by Juliana Beasley

During much of the 1990s, there was a hidden voyeur in the strip clubs of the East Coast tristate area: a stripper with a camera. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and an assistant to Annie Leibovitz, Beasley danced and stripped for $20 a lap. While trying to save up money, and avoid exhaustion and arrest, she turned her camera on fellow dancers and the customers who paid for them. More than 150 of her full-color photographs are gathered here, none altered, capturing everything from hilariously subdued patrons to wryly mocking workers in various states of undress. Over nine years, Beasley's camera acquired a kind of nonchalance that avoids oversensationalizing the clubs. Men stare at dancers like deer in the headlights; dancers take smoke breaks while clad raffishly in (recently acquired?) men's underwear. Every sort of awkward, lurid position people get into in strip clubs is unblinkingly revealed in a brash layout of full-page photos, while occasional and commentary by dancers, patrons or Beasley herself are moving and honest. Beasley notes that many patrons were "pleased with the role reversal, with being objectified"-the kind of paradox that makes this book a luridly shrewd pleasure.
Fetish by Toni Mitchell

The mainstream acceptance of images and icons from the once secretive world of S/M fantasy - dominatrixes, bondage heroines, damsels in distress, and a wealth of other characters - have helped make fetish fantasy photography a legitimate artistic form. Fetish: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography collects the best of this exciting genre, combining the finest contemporary images with some of photography's most notable "pre-scene" manifestations - images from 1950s underground and bondage publications; "kinky" creations from the '60s; and glamour work from the '70s and '80s. With 220 color, duotone, and black-and-white images from leading fetish photographers like Peter Ashworth, Chris Bell, Laurent Boeki, Wolfgang Eichler, and Horst P. Horst, and insight into fetish clubs and fashion houses, Fetish will excite connoisseur and curious alike.
Sex: Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography by Tony Mitchell

This anthology is a solid collection of work from the best photographers working in the field of erotica today. The editor did a great job of pulling together a wide variety of styles, and the resulting the book is a real pleasure, full of pleasant surprises. I was introduced to quite a few photographers that are completely new to me, and there isn't a weak or dull photo in the book. It is very well printed too, with quality paper that makes the pictures really pop, and a solid binding that looks to hold up for years. And based on the comments of my friends, I think the book holds a strong appeal for both men and women. Strongly recommended!
Asia Bondage by Steven Speliotis

What should we make of a project in which several dozen Asian women -- well-educated, independent, liberated, experimentally minded, and certainly familiar with the stereotype of the submissive Asian female -- volunteer to participate in the production of highly stylized fine-art photographic images by a non-Asian male in which they appear nude and elegantly, often intricately, bound
Generation Fetish by Lee Higgs (Photographer), Gisele Turner

Strange, beautiful and dangerous ... sexuality like a sort of freak show, something between David Cronenberg and William S. Burroughs visions
Fetish Fashion: Undressing the Corset by Larry Utley, Autumn Carey-Adamme
This book is a visual feast! I love the models; the editors picked a variety of models in many different shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. Many different corset styles come to life on these pages. There are detailed close-up pages to perhaps entice the ambitious tailor or seamstress into attempting to make his/her own corset someday. There are some great costume ideas here. Most of the models look like they are really enjoying themselves. Some of the quotes at the end of the book are very entertaining, some are silly, and all of them illustrate the many reasons why people enjoy dressing up. This is a gorgeous book, extremely reasonably priced, and a great addition to any costumer's or corsetry afficiando's library! (I am just *dying* for my own Dark Garden corset now, by the way.)
Doris Kloster's Demimonde: A Visual Exploration of Fetish
Doris Kloster is one of the world’s leading fetish photographers. Unlike the work of most of her contemporaries in this field who specialize in photographing fetish and fashion models in artificial studio settings, her work shows the secret real-life decadent world of dominance and submission. The previously unpublished color, duotone, and black-and-white photographs presented in Fetish World were shot on location in many private dungeons and provide an unforgettable insider’s view of dominatrixes and their slaves in full costume and highlighting their use of sexual props and positions.