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 The Marketplace Series - Laura Antoniou


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The Marketplace Series - by Laura Antoniou

The Marketplace - Series 1

This is the story of four submissives sent for training in a hidden underground organization, the Marketplace. Each submissive has excelled in the mainstream BDSM scene and have been selected for their potential to join the ranks of those that do not play at D&S but rather live it. Put in the services of the enigmatic trainer, Chris Parker, the four slaves are pushed to their limits and molded into the epitome of true servitude.
The Slave (Marketplace Series 2)

The second volume in the Marketplace trilogy, the landmark series that set the standard for contemporary SM erotica. The Slave describes the experiences of Robin, an exceptionally sensitive submissive who longs to join the ranks of those who have proven themselves worthy of entry into the sexual training ground of the Marketplace. Follow Robin as she is educated in the arts of submission and service by the meticulously ethical Chris Parker, her master-by-proxy, and the person in whom she will confide her deepest sexual secrets
The Trainer (Marketplace Series 3)

The ultimate underground sexual realm includes not only willing slaves, but the exquisite and demanding trainers who take submissives firmly in hand. And it is now the time for these mentors to divulge their own secrets, to lay bare the desires that led them to become the ultimate figures of erotic authority. Only Sara Adamson could conjure so complete and bewitching a portrait of punishing pleasure.
The Academy (Tales of the Marketplace - Series 4)

Now in service as a junior trainer, Michael LaGuardia joins Chris Parker and dozens of other trainers at the Academy, the annual international gathering of trainers and spotters, and learns more about the lives of the men and women who train the exquisite Marketplace slaves...including the mysterious Chris Parker himself. In an entirely new form of literature, The Academy is a full-length novel incorporating independent short stories written by Guest Authors. Karen Taylor, Michael Hernandez, David Stein, M. Christian and Cecilia Tan delve into the world of the Marketplace and turn up tales of power, sex, and surrender...the kinds of stories Trainers tell each other to inspire, teach, or warn.
The Reunion (Marketplace Series 5)

This is the latest book in the Marketplace Series. As with the rest of the series, it deals with service-oriented BDSM in a thoughtful, insightful manner, while also containing some of the best-written and hottest scenes you could ever want to read. Favorite characters from previous books, plus some fascinating new characters, attend a Reunion at a castle in Europe, a time for them to re-evaluate some of their past decisions and decide on new directions for their lives, while simultaneously fending off a plot by an unscrupulous reporter to reveal the existence of the Marketplace to the public.