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New Age Music for an Erotic or Bdsm Scene

Here are some of the most erotic and stimulating new age music CDs I have found. This collection includes music for light, sensual scenes as well as dark, heavy scenes. I can almost hear the whimpers and moans as I listen to these selections.

Adiemus III: Dances of Time by Adiemus

This is a very well put together CD, consisting of different "Dances" that were popular throughout time. Each piece is wonderfully composed and performed, providing for an experience that you won't forget for a while. Another star from Karl Jenkins!

The Cross of Changes by Enigma

Haunting, evocative, mysterious, and magnificent, Enigma's Cross of Changes offers nine musical explorations of sound and sensation that dazzle and amaze. The songs unfold in rolling waves, each more complex and richly layered than the last

Screen Behind the Mirror by Enigma

Michael Cretu, the man behind Enigma, formulates an intriguing symbiosis between New Age musicality, classical and world-music influences, and dance-club rhythms.

MCMXC A.D. by Enigma

So much unnecessary fuss was made over Enigma's juxtaposition of the sexual and sacred. After all, Prince had been doing it for years, and his take on it was far more interesting--and a lot more daring. But Enigma's MCMXC A.D. did manage to work a lot of people into a lather, both on the dance floor and behind the pulpit. Their

Shepherd Moons by Enya

The deeply romantic Celtic pop on its 1991 successor, Shepherd Moons, sustains the same spectrum of hushed reverie and surging, rhapsodic releases, as well as its mix of ballads, floating midtempo pieces, and forays into Celtic and Latin--and it's every bit as seductive.

Watermark by Enya

Enya's 1988 recording Watermark achieved landmark success with her groundbreaking use of multi-tracking technology to fuse new age and Celtic themes and instrumentation.

Oceania by Oceania

Oceania is the first international Maori album to ever be released! It's centered around poet/lead singer Hinewehi (pronouced as Hee Nee), who's got a mesmerizing neo-classical voice, and lead singer of British punk band Killing Joke, Jaz Coleman.

Exit by Tangerine Dream

Released during a period of tense Cold War saber rattling, Tangerine Dream's Exit (1981) shows that even a machine-driven electronic band can claim a social conscience.

Mythos by Mythos

I think that this album is wonderfully balanced between smooth instrumentals and lush, aural soundscapes that commonly feature mind-blowing vocal performanes by soprano/alto singers Annette Ducharme, Christine Duncan and Jennifer Scott. Paul Schmidt plays the guitar on songs like "La Cathedral" while Bob D'Eith plays the keyboard/piano on songs like "Motif" and "Introspection", which gives the album a classical yet sensual feel.

Sensual Sensual by B Tribe

This disc will put you into one of those moods that only good company can satisfy:) An excellent bit of down tempo flameneco, drifting off into the neither neither land explored by such artists as Enigma or Kitaro.